Summer Entertaining with America's Test Kitchen: Elle Simone's Girls Night In

The meal will be Mediterranean, and Erykah Badu will soundtrack the evening.

How to Preserve Summer Tomatoes for Year-Round Freshness

There's nothing like a peak summer tomato. These tips will ensure you can enjoy them all year long.

9 Expert Wine Tips

Are there rules for pairing wine and food? Is there a way to test a wine's acidity? With these tips, you'll be thinking like a sommelier in no time.

Summer Entertaining with America's Test Kitchen: Bryan Roof's Saturday at the Grill

The bar is serving up some smoky mezcal gimlets, and we've got Waylon Jennings and The Band on the jukebox. Not a bad little Saturday.

8 Questions with Cork Dork Author and Unlikely Sommelier Bianca Bosker

The tech journalist-cum-sommelier stopped by the test kitchen to discuss her book about her journey from “wine ignoramus” to bona fide oenophile.

Summer Entertaining with America's Test Kitchen: The Gadget Guru's "Summertime" Party

Come for the flat-iron steaks and grilled scallops, and stay for the smooth soul music.

Wake Up with a Tofu Scramble

Sarah of Making Thyme for Health makes our Tofu Scramble for brunch.

Summer Entertaining with America's Test Kitchen: Becky Hays's Thai Dinner from the Grill

Thai-style Cornish game hens are the star of the show, and they're supported by delicious shrimp spring rolls and sticky rice.

Andrea and Hannah from The Cookery Wife Make Yellow Fluffy Layer Cake with the ATK Online Cooking School

Will they ever go back to store-bought cake mix?

Summer Entertaining with America's Test Kitchen: Jack Bishop's Spanish Ode to Summer

Paella on the grill kicks things off (served with some sangria of course), while Enrique Iglesias puts everyone in the mood to bailar.

Essential Equipment for Make-Ahead Cooking

These are the pots, pans, gadgets, and tools you need for successful make-ahead cooking.

Become Your Own Butcher: Make Home-Ground Beef Chili

Lauren from the Olive You Whole blog puts her food processor to use and makes home-ground beef chili.

Summer Entertaining with America’s Test Kitchen: Tucker Shaw’s Mexican-American-Hawaiian Mashup

Mexican for dinner, Hawaiian for dessert, and a whole lotta soul music.

The Best Way to Store Make-Ahead Meals: Wraps, Foils, and Storage Bags Edition

A kitchen well-stocked with storage supplies is important to make-ahead success.

Summer Entertaining with America's Test Kitchen: Bridget's Back to the '80s Summer Splash

Margaritas will fuel the conversation, and Morrissey will soundtrack the evening. Perfect.

Lauren from the Zestful Kitchen Blog Makes Chocolate Pots de Crème

This recipe for elegant French-style pudding comes from our Online Cooking School and is the perfect solution for any chocolate craving.

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